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Get your laptops back

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    Lawtrades is a NYC based Series A legal tech powerhouse.


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    Iron Beard Production produced The Chronicles of Jessica Woo, which won an Emmy Award for Jasmine Guy.

    👩🏽: Jasmin Guy

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    "The [Reqoop] process was simple and we were able to track when the devices reached our warehouse."

    Essential Labs is a supply chain distributor for organic skin care brands.

  • Recoup your time

    Witness a revolution in time and cost efficiency. Reqoop not only saves time but also saves money (in terms of replacement costs and work hours spent), turning each return into a strategic investment.

  • Former Employee Satisfaction

    Watch as former employee satisfaction soars. Reqoop's efficiency and simplicity contribute to a positive workplace culture, where current employees feel valued and former employees, supported.

  • Reduce Stress

    Embrace the simplicity that Reqoop brings. From notifications to tracking, experience the ease of hands-free, stress-free device returns.

  • Fifty Percent Unreturned???

    According to a 2023 Gartner Research report, 50% of US companies have outstanding laptops and mobile devices not recovered from former employees.

  • Data Breaches

    According to Cyber Security Hub, in 2022, 22 billion records of personal data were exposed due to data breaches at endpoints – laptops, cell phones and tablets.

  • Industry Hazards

    Researchers at Loyola University Chicago School of Law found that unsecured laptops are still causing major healthcare security threats despite security efforts taken by the healthcare facilities.


I want a free bonus!

*A $339 savings? Prove it!


We shadowed a PeopleOps associate and this is what we found.

💵 $70: She paid $20 for a laptop return box and $50 ($25/ each way) to ship the empty box to her former employee and for the return box to be shipped back to her.

💵 $50: It took her about an hour (she's paid $50/hr) to find her local carrier only to be told you had to go to the next location, 15 minutes away, to get a laptop return box. 

💵 $300: It took her approximately 6 hours (@ $50/hour X 6 =$300) over the course of 7 days to contact and remind the employee about returning the company’s devices. (And they still haven’t done so). And she had about 5 off-boardings in one month. 

That's $420 for one offboarding vs. using Reqoop.

Get your laptops back

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Positive offboarding experiences by former employees results in positive company reputations.

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Get your laptops back