Reclaiming Control

A Case Study: Series B Tech Startup's Success with Reqoop

Client Profile:

  • Company Type: Series B Tech Startup
  • Challenge: Unreturned Laptops, Communication Gap
  • Outstanding Laptops: 6

Situation: A thriving Series B tech startup found itself grappling with the challenge of unreturned laptops from former employees. The urgency was heightened as two individuals were ghosting the client, showing no response to traditional communication attempts.

Solution: Enter Reqoop – the game-changer in device recovery. Within just 7 days of utilizing Reqoop's innovative Demand Email Templates, the client experienced a remarkable turnaround. These templates, crafted with precision, were designed to cut through communication barriers and prompt former employees to respond.


  • Communication Breakthrough: The Demand Email Templates proved highly effective, breaking through the communication silence. Within the week, the client heard back from 5 out of the 6 former employees.
  • Device Recovery Success: The power of Reqoop didn't stop at communication; it translated into action. Four out of the 6 individuals not only responded but promptly sent the outstanding laptops back to the company.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Efficient Communication: Reqoop's Demand Email Templates proved instrumental in establishing efficient communication channels, even with previously unresponsive individuals.
  2. Swift Device Recovery: The success rate in reclaiming 4 out of 6 devices within 7 days showcases Reqoop's effectiveness in expedited device recovery.
  3. Cost-Efficient Solution: The client not only regained control over their devices but also avoided potential costs and security risks associated with unreturned laptops.

Conclusion: In the world of tech startups, where agility and responsiveness are paramount, Reqoop demonstrated its prowess in not only bridging communication gaps but also in swiftly and effectively recovering outstanding laptops. This case study exemplifies how Reqoop's innovative solutions can empower companies to take control of their assets, ensuring a secure and streamlined operational environment.